Straight Talk Selling

Would you like to expand your referral base and customer retention and create a world-class team of sales professionals? In this power-packed session, learn selling strategies that will forever improve your sales environment. This session is unbridled and intense; every second will inspire, challenge, and motivate you to take immediate action. Teach your team to “Sell out loud with no apologies,” and increase your profits with proven results.


Life Is a Gift…Not a Game

Emotionally charged and impactful from the first minute, Paul weaves a journey through the mind of each attendee as he shares the secrets of success that lead to a life of personal fulfillment. Paul uses his unique ability to inspire and uplift his audience to share stories that leave his listeners inspired and motivated. Thousands of individuals have commented that attending this presentation was a “defining moment” in their life.


Teach, Coach, Mentor, and Lead

Paul Cummings has instructed managers all over the world to master the four components of becoming a leading edge executive. Organizations cannot outperform the capacity of their leaders. In this hard-hitting presentation, Paul provides the game plan managers need to increase their personal capacity to lead organizational change. Attendees are inspired to take action on their own skill sets to become true difference makers.


The Power of Service

In today’s fast paced world, there is one thing that has the power to retain customers: world-class, legendary service. Money follows service everywhere it goes, and Paul Cummings will revolutionize the way you view service. Major corporations all over the world have enjoyed the benefits of Paul’s unique approach to service. You will learn how to turn every customer into a walking, talking, powerful, blinking billboard for your organization.